Headshot Photography Detroit - DJ Wayne Kinney

Wayne Kinney, DJ and owner of Rock Out Entertainment, wanted his headshot done so I obliged. Wayne is the only DJ I refer because he is the best. If you did not knowm I happen to be a DJ connoisseur. I see a lot of DJ's and so I know all to well that many can be cheesy and/or bad.  Wayne is sauve, confident,  really good looking and plays the good stuff. What more could you want from a DJ. Lately he has been trying to break into the budding film business in Detroit so he wanted something with a bit more character. I really think the 2nd black and white is my favorite. Wayne really does have a sensitive thoughtful side.

Indigo European Flower Design

Just this week I was at a networking Luncheon put on by Andrea Solomon (a fabolous event coordinator from West Bloomfield). I met a couple other vendors who were really worthy of being noted and checked out. One was Dorota Ramirez. She owns a flower business called Indigo out of Ann Arbor. I knew when I met her and after speaking with her for only a few moments that her flower work was going to be awesome. After checking out her website I am absolutely amazed. There is no one in Detroit doing anything like her. She was trained and actually went to college in Europe specifically to just create flower art. And she does. Click here for her website