Thanks so much for reaching out! We can’t wait to hear more about your big day! There is so much to talk about and so many exciting conversations ahead!    To briefly introduce myself - I’m Blaine Siesser.  I’ve been photographing weddings for 12 years and I specialize in a fine art film based type of wedding photography.   My approach is an intuitive blend of documentary and editorial photography that creates a feeling of easy, beautiful, elegant and authentic imagery. I’ve been married now for 8 years- and I love it! My wife Lisa photographs children and families and I have a son named Sebastian who is  2. You can check out Lisa's work at lisasiesser.com  I am constantly exploring, and I consider my life a great adventure and full of endless things to learn about.  I love to just get in a car and drive without a plan or a care in the world! In my free time I enjoy working on fine art projects and installations that you can check out at themichiganproject.com

I'm sure you are excited to be engaged and are enjoying the beautiful feelings and emotions that accompany love. Soon you will be making plans for that amazing day when you and your fiancé begin your married life. Your wedding day requires a lot of planning and preparation, and your wedding photographs require the same. They are going to create memories of that amazing event that are forever cherished. Once you have set the wedding date I definitely recommend setting up an appointment to meet with us and discuss your wedding photography plans. 


What We Need to Know

In order to help you design the perfect photography package, we need to know several things, including the date, time of day, wedding and reception venues, the size of your wedding party, other vendors hired, and the number of expected guests. Often based upon the answers to these questions I'll often put together custom estimates for my clients to meet their weddings specific needs. Whenever possible, we like to visit the wedding venue ahead of time to look over the best places for your photos. Sometimes though we do all our scouting work the morning of the event.  Getting to know you and your fiancé is important to us as well, because everyone wedding is different and has different needs. Communication is paramount in having a successful photography experience. Because of that my most important question that I ask again and again is - "what is most important about wedding photography to you?" Everyone answers this differently and I cater my shooting each day to this question. I look forward to meeting you soon and hearing how you answer this question. 

During your studio visit we'll also discuss your budget, the timeline, and also have a chance to browse portfolios of our previous wedding shoots. After our meeting carefully read our contract and discuss any changes you might want to make. Once the contract is ready, sign it and return it to us with a retainer. This will insure the date of your wedding is saved. The required retainer amount is $2500 A final appointment is scheduled to discuss any changes that have been made to the schedule and to go over any other details.  This is also a good time to provide us with a list of special photos that are important to you or lists of family photos that you’d like taken.


The day of your wedding Blaine Siesser will arrive well before your guests, prepared to capture perfect memories of the big day. We arrive well before the guests and begin set up and scouting for the day. Typically, we photograph all the details during your hair and make up appointments: the shoes, jewelry, invitations, and dress. Once those are complete usually your make up is almost finished up and it is a great time to capture that last touch of mascara or lipstick being applied. After a quick snack its time to put on your dress. We love this moment and hope you pick out a perfect spot with lots of light and windows and plenty of space. Make sure your mom and bridesmaids are dressed and looking their best while they help you into your dress. Once your gown is on it's usually a great chance to get a few last minute shots of you with your bridesmaids and immediate family before a first look or the trip to alter. During the service our coverage is thorough but discrete. We use longer lenses to capture all the priceless moments tears and joy. Our focus here is a very documentary style of wedding photography that is unobtrusive and natural allowing the ceremony to flow naturally. Following the service we typically take a few family photos and head off to photograph you, your beau, and the bridal party. The moments after the wedding with you and spouse to take photos will be natural and intimate. My focus is to let you enjoy each other while simultaneously getting you into good light and good locations so you have beautiful pictures. Once at the reception we focus on capturing the beauty of the space you created, getting great candids and social photos of the guests, and photographing all the classic moments from the toasts to the cake cutting. Once they party starts we hit the dance floor and try to capture all the joy and fun you and your guests are having. Our goal is cover everything and simultaneously create a succinct set of images that will give you a editorial sense of the day in all its beauty.


Collection I  


After 12 years of photographing weddings Blaine Siesser knows what makes a great experience.  A big beautiful wedding album designed and edited by our studio, plenty of time on your wedding day, gorgeous classic color and perfect skin tones, a big beautiful proofing gallery, timeless photos of you and your love plus tons of detail shots,  photos of everyone at the party and everything inbetween (we are talking close to 2000 photos), plenty of staff on hand to help, and Photoshop editing to make sure the key images are perfect. No corners are cut, we just do it right the first time start to finish. This is the full day for me and my team. This package includes film shooting and a back up digital shooter.

  • • 3 Photographers (Blaine Siesser & 2 Associates)

  • • 1 Assistant

  • • Up to 14 Hours of Coverage

  • 60 Page 11x14 Album or Pick any 400+ page 10x13 Couture Book

  • • 1500+ Digital Photos on a Thumb-drive With a License For Any Personal Use

  • • 6 Months of Online Viewing of Photos

  • • 1 Smart Phone App of the Best Images

  • • 60-100 Gorgeous Predesigned Album Pages (Design Service Only)

  • • Up to 12 Hours of Custom Photoshop Color Grading of Digital Files

  • • Up to 6 Hours of Photoshop Beauty Enhancements

  • • 450 Film Photos (Analog)

  • • Engagement Session (Film based)


Collection II  


Maintaining at its core a big beautiful album and plenty of time Collection II is the go to package for having beautiful photos and a beautiful heirloom with a more conservative approach to time and photographic medium. 12 hours allows us plenty of time on your wedding day, and digital color is beautiful clean color. Our aim is beautiful skins tones and a gorgeous proofing gallery, timeless photos of you and your love plus tons of detail shots. We hope to get  photos of everyone at the party and everything in between (we are talking close to 2000 photos), plenty of staff on hand to help, and Photoshop editing to make sure the key images are perfect. 

  • • 2 Photographers (Blaine Siesser & Associate)

  • • 1 Assistant

  • • Up to 12 Hours of Coverage

  • 60 Page 11x14 Album or Pick any 400+ page 10x13 Couture Book

  • • 1500+ Digital Photos on a Thumb-drive With a License For Any Personal Use

  • • 6 Months of Online Viewing of Photos

  • • 1 Smart Phone App of the Best Images

  • • 60-120 Gorgeous Predesigned Album Pages (Design Service Only)

  • • Up to 10 Hours of Custom Color Grading of Digital Files

  • • Up to 4 Hours of Photoshop Beauty Enhancements

Collection III  


My most popular package for years Collection III embodies and focuses on getting great photography. Most weddings can be more than adequately covered in 10 hours time usually from 1pm - 11pm and this package comes with a beautiful album that many simply publish with 20 of their favorite moments or build out to create something more expansive from their day after the wedding. This comes with complete color grading of digital files that focuses on beautiful film based looks. Our end game is as always beautiful skin tones, great detail shots, a thorough coverage of all the moments and people on your day. Typically we generate 1300 photos on average in this amount of time.

  • • 2 Photographers (Blaine Siesser & Associate)

  • • Up to 10 Hours of Coverage

  • 20 Page 11x14 Album

  • • 1000+ Digital Photos on a Thumb-drive With a License For Any Personal Use

  • • 6 Months of Online Viewing of Photos

  • • 1 Smart Phone App of the Best Images

  • • 60-120 Gorgeous Predesigned Album Pages (Design Service Only)

  • • Up to 8 Hours of Custom Color Grading Digital Files

  • • Up to 1 Hour of Photoshop Beauty Enhancements

Collection IV 

$4500 - Associate Shooter               

Collection IV is the exact same service as Collection III but with Sam as the lead photographer. He is one of the best shooters I've had on staff in all 12 years of shooting weddings. He's incredibly talented and has a great sense of style. His work is very similar to mine and he has a wonderful gentle demeanor and sharp mind for great decision making. Schedule a meeting if you'd like to learn more about Sam and meet him in person. You can view some of his work here  http://www.blainesiesser.com/sam1/  

  • • 2 Photographers (Sam & Associate)

  • • Up to 10 Hours of Coverage

  • 20 Page 11x14

  • • 1000+ Digital Photos

  • • 6 Months of Online Viewing of Photos

  • • 1 Smart Phone App of the Best Images

  • • 60-80 Gorgeous Predesigned Album Pages (Design Service Only)

  • • Up to 8 Hours of Custom Color Grading Digital Files

  • • 1 Hour of Photoshop Beauty Enhancements



  • •Extra Hours: $500/Hour

  • •3rd Shooter: $1500

  • •Stylist: $800

  • •Engagement Session $750 (Film $950) (1.5 Hours in Metro Detroit)

  • •Film (450 photos developed and scanned) $1500

  • •Parent Albums Starting at $1500 (10x14 with 20 Pages)



  • 5x7 Print .............................$80

  • 8x10 Print............................$80

  • 11x14 Print..........................$125

  • 16x20 Print..........................$320

  • 20x20 Canvas.....................$600

  • 30x40 Canvas.....................$1200


What is the difference between film and digital?

Film is an analog format. We are literally shooting film and yes you can still buy it! :) We shoot Fuji and Kodak film in both color and black and white. Its processed at our lab and we get digital scans back. We also use digital formts too. I like to educate my clients and let them choose which they prefer.In either case both formats end up as digital files that you can download and print just like photos from your camera phone. Film is better at creating color harmony and has a nostalgia Americana look - it tends to have creamy highlights that either shift yellow or pink.  Digital on the other is a super reliable and secure format and lends itself to more flexibility after the wedding. It has more clean pure perfect look. Both mediums are useful at different times of the wedding day. I've found that film photos I take carry more weight and nostalgia to them whereas when using a digital medium I'm able to get more "perfect" photos because I can take so many shots of a moment. I enjoy using both mediums and I've found some people can really see a difference and have a preference. You can view some film and digital side by sides here:  http://www.blainesiesser.com/filmdigital/

When is payment due?

Your final wedding packages balance is due 30 days before the wedding. Payment for extra a la carte orders must be made when the order is placed.

How should we prepare for our engagement session?

When you make the decision to get married, your engagement photos will announce your love to the world. Here are some tips to make the photos a success! Bring two outfits - one cocktail and one casual. Bring along some props for a few fun or sentimental shots. Get professional hair and make up done  before the session. It can also be romantic and fun to look at other photos and practice being together. If you'd like I can help you style the shoot by helping you pick out outfits as well. I have a pinterest board of ideas and also try to keep tabs on clothing trends in NY & LA and especially Milan and Paris.

Do you HAVE REFERRALS FOR FLORISTs designers bands or DJs?

Absolutley - we’d be happy to share this info with you your first appointment

What clothing should we wear for our engagement session?

Before the engagement session we will send over a pinterest link of styling ideas and then we can set up a phone convo to go over final decisions.

When will I get to see my wedding photos?

Because we shoot film our typical turnaround is about 6-8 weeks.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes, we not only use the very best professional film and digital equipment (Canon, contax, mamiya, hassleblad, and a phase one 65 megapixel camera). but we always carry back up lenses, camera bodies, and flash units to every wedding.

Are you a full time photographer?

Yes, this is my profession. I take it and my business very seriously so that my clients can not only have confidence in my work, but also so they can have the very best service.

Do you take any traditional photographs?

Of course.  Many times couples require a few photographs of their grandparents or parents. I can do these very traditionally with lights if you’d like, however most of my clients prefer something more naturally lit and naturally set.  

How should we choose our Photographer?

The best photographers say again and again, Consistency!  Anyone can take a great shot here and there but a quality photographer should be able to show you consistent work year in and year out.  While you browse, ask yourself, do these photographs show consistent control over composition, light, and style?  Are they inspiring, visually appealing, emotionally absorbing, or just generic, dated, or flat.  Go with your gut and not just pricing.  There really is no better place to invest your money.

What are the 60-80 Pre-designed Pages?

When I first started working with my clients on their wedding albums years ago I would tell them, “pick out 100 of your favorite images and I’ll design them into an album.” This turned out to be a suprisingly difficult task because everyone really loves all 2000 images. I also think my clients want their books to look  like the ones they see in my studio.  because they want their book to look gorgeous I started taking on the role of editor and creative designer as a service to my clients. I choose which images best symbolize a time period and create graphic layouts that are consistent and beautiful. The album pre-design service make the experience of having so many photos easy and simple. We pick out what looks best and build it into a book but you still have all your photos in digital format too. We know we won't design every book perfectly and you are allowed a round of changes in case we missed a photo of someone important or something especially meaningful to you.

 If you have any Further questions please call us at 734.845.6512, email us at blaine.siesser@gmail.com or visit us online at blainesiesser.com